26-12-19 -  Next competiton is the  WUMA South Wales Ope in LLanelli at the end of April 2019

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           30-10 17

                    Squad training for the World Championships in Worcester next year will be taking place around the Country. Master Hopkins will be coming to Swansea to do squad training himself and training will also be going on in Cardiff also. I have been told I can take a squad, if any one in the club is interested in competing, let me know.There are three of us in the squad already and ill be talking to students over the next year to see who wants to compete. This is a once in a life time opportunity, so anyone interested, let me know.

                                      OSU, Master Davies                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


     Well done to Josh, Gareth and Craig yesterday at the British Open, two silvers and two golds. Could'nt be happier with the effort the guys put in, considering we were waiting for 4 hours to fight. Josh had to fight up a weight category against an older guy, but gave him all he could handle, but went the older boys way. Gareth fought twice, winning the first bought, stopping his opponent and taking the next fight into extra time. He just flagged a little towards the end and it was given to his opponent. Craig's fight went to extra time also and i could see his opponent didn't like the heavy shots to the head Craig was landing, so I asked Craig to concentrate his shots to the head  during the extra time, which he did and came out victorious to take the title. The three of you gave all you had , I could not ask for anything more guys, your all a credit to DFK. 

                                                                      OSU Master Davies

               25 - 4 - 17

                   As you all know, there is a world Championships next year and I've been asked to take a Welsh Squad. its a privilege to do so and we will be putting a team together over the next year to compete. This is a one a lifetime chance for most, so we are going to take it with both hands. We have a number of competitions coming up this year and next year we will be competing every other month right up to the worlds. Can not wait for this. Will keep you all updated.



                  30 -9-16

                   Well done to Scott and Aeron earlier this month competing at the British Open. both fought their hearts out, taking silver medals. We will be out there soon, so any of you looking to compete, let me know.

                                              OSU, Marc



               Well got there eventually, competing again for the last nine years and finally took a title. I won the British Open in Worcester yesterday in the Masters section at the age of 52. I can now finally hang my gloves up and retire, although my students insist  i'll be back out there again soon. That was the case in the past, but I feel I have achieved all i can competing and now its time to concentrate on developing my students and hopefully help them to attain there dreams in the future. So for the very last time on this page as a competitor, I'd like to just say, OSU, Master Davies 



                     Well done to Aeron Price today, winning the British Title for the second time in a year. He went back to Worcester to defend his continuous title, but ended up fighting for the British semi contact title, which he won 10 points to 4. That's another championship for DFK  the 10th in seven years. Well done Pricey, back up there in the new year.  

                                                   OSU, Master davies

             16 - 6 -14

                   Well done to Aeron, Scott and Claire on Sunday, all three taking silver Medals at the European Championships. I was up to fight also, but there were no over 35's there to compete, can you beleive it. Onward to the next comp and things to work on for the next date

                                          OSU Master Davies



                    Another champion for DFK, Aeron Price took the Heavyweight British Open Title on Sunday the 8th of December in Worcester  and young Tom took a silver in his category. Well done to you both, that,s another two titles this year with mally taking a welsh in May. More work to be done in the new year, with more competitions coming up. Any of you that are interested in competing next year, let me know.


                                                                OSU Master Davies



                      Well finally I had it oficially confirmed this morning, 5th Dan Master level. It's been a long time and years and years of hard training, something I have been working toward since I was 11 years old. To say I'm happy would be an under statement. The years of dedication and commitment were not easy and the ups and downs both coaching and competing have been some of the toughest times of my life.

                     When you are an instructor you have to show no fear, always the first to spar and last  to leave the gym, leading your people constantly and consistently. It takes it's toll sometimes on your body and your mind, but anything of note worth attaining comes with sacrifice. I would like to thank my sons for keeping me going and totally inspiring me with their strength and bravery as martial artists and becoming the men I hoped they would become and will become. Also i would like to thank every one that I have trained with and coached over the last 20 years, thank you all, where ever you maybe today. I hope I can still inspire my students from this point on and I am determined to work as hard as ever and hopefully reach even more people in future.    



                                                      OSU Master Davies



                 27-8 13


                       Summer hols finishing and the Autumn and Winter months rolling in. There are competitions coming up in September, November and the British Open in December for the Cheltenham Gold Cup in Worcester. We as a club should be targeting these three shows and training appropriately towards them.

                        Any of you that want to compete at these shows, let me know , you could possibly get six fights at these comps which will increase your experience level markedly.


                                                               OSU Marc




                      Well done to all that fought yesterday at the Welsh Open. four into the finals and a title. Well done to Mally  taking the title cosidering he nearly pulled out of the event through nerves. lakey was robbed, he clearly won his fight, it makes you think what the judges are watching sometimes.

                        As I stated on facebook, things need to be worked on before we fight again, these were your first fights, excluding Steve, so you all did really well. i think you all now realise how fit you have to be to fight, so I hope you all redouble your efforts of the coming months.


                                                        OSU Marc



                      Three weeks to the Welsh Open in Cardiff, Mally, Cameron, Tom and Lakey fighting. I'm hoping to be fit and   will be entering on the day if my foot as completely recovered, fingers crossed.

                        Club doing really well, new students coming in on a regular basis, good children numbers also. All in all its been a good start to 2013. 




                     Been a great start to the year, lots of new people training at DFK. the club now has over 40 students training in group and private sessions. Competitions coming up this year include the English Open and British Open over the next three months.  



                 15 -12-12


                       Three students passed their Black Belts this year. Congrats to Luke Crocker, Joe Thomas and Steve Lake. They are only three of seven students out side my family that have attained the level in 13 years, since I started DFK. Two others also have passed their black also in that time, my sons, Scott and Jack. Scott went onto win Welsh, Midlands Area and British full contact titles and jack won his fight at the martialarts fayre in 2010 and the took a draw the following year at the Enter The Dragon Comp in 2011 and previously at just fourteen years old, took a bronze at the english Nationals in 2009. Scott now has passed his degree and taken a graduate job in Cardiff and Jack as just started Uni there.

                      It's tough to attain a black belt and my respect goes out to all those whom have passed at my club, all be it a small amount of people, but not everyone can climb the mountain and put in the dedication. This is the way to keep standards high within the martial arts. You are a select bunch and should be proud of the fact.



                                                            OSU Marc 





                     Great in house competition for the Club belt last night. Well done to. Sam Davies, Nathan Higgins, Tom Smith, Nick Morgan,Tom Harvey, Ben Mcdonald and Brandon Lee. What a advertisment for young people in the martial arts. Well done to you all, you did the club proud.


                                          OSU Marc 





               Great training over the last few weeks with Tom Harvey, Nick Morgan, Cameron Clifford, Nathan Tyrell Jack Davies, Sam Davies, Nathan higgins, young Tom and as always, Luke Crocker. The rest of you can take a leaf out of out of Luke's book, you never attain anything unless you work hard for it. Some students are on the edge of attaining their goals , but just dont seem to want to make the final push. We all have jobs and other commitments in our lives, it's all about what you want. Some climb the hill and some fall, [so remember] why you started training in the first place, and what you wanted to acheive.


                                 OSU Marc





     18 - 7 -12


        Hi all, Club really picking up at present, lots of new kids coming in and privates going well also. Main class in Clydach increasing, with my sons, Jack and Sam and young Nathan training in the adult class. We also have had another young man start last night, with Darren returning at the beginning of August with Steve also coming back into training.

  Luke should be back next week, with Scott L already back. Dale and alex struggling to make training at present, due to work commitments. Nathan T back from Uni and back into full flow training hard towards his 1st kyu. Hopefully with all this activity, we will get some sunshine shortly to go with the higher training numbers.


                                                  OSU Marc





          Hi all , the new site is up and running, so i will be keeping you all up to date on here with up coming events etc. Just click on any of the words above, such as home or events to see the page.

           In club news,  we have had a few new people starting lately, with a couple more coming in over the next few weeks. Private sessions at the small gym are going really well also, so things on the up at present. Other news saw Luke Crocker and Joe Thomas passing their black belts after an extreme seven rounds of full contact sparring. Well done to both, you can see a pic of luke on the home page receiving his certificate. Joe's pic will be up shortly. You can now also contact me on the contact button, which will send a direct email to me, so if you want to speak in private about any issue , just mail using that facility.

           I have put an events calender up now also, so have a look at that. I will put competitions on there as and when I know, there are three up already, we need to choose which comps we are going to compete at. 



                                                       OSU Marc