Tom on the right of picture after his win at the In House Comp 2017 Rhydian left and Master Davies centre
                               Craig after the In house comp 2017, Well done mate, happy man in this photo.


                                         Josh after the in house comp 2017. Well done mate

                                                          From left, Nathan, Sam and Tom after the in house comp 21-11-12   

                                      Nick and Tom h after the in house comp, Brandon and Ben below 21-11-12 

                                                                   Ben and Brandon after the In House comp 2012 

                                                            Nick, Tom and Cameron with Luke after his Black Belt grading

                                                                                   DFK at the Boat Race 2010

                                                                         Rich Morris receiving his 2nd Dan Certificate     

                       The Victorious trio. from left to right Dale,Sam and Jack after the Martial Arts Fayre in Cardiff 2010 

                                                Paul Richards on the right with Master Davies after the European Open in 2010 

                                            From left, Sell, Scott, Me and Rich after the Midlands area Title fight in 2009 

                                                                   Scott, centre with his Welsh and British Championship belts     

                                 Kickboxercise Class from 2008. Sadly Jenny, second from right died of cancer in 2011


                                                      Live every day like it's your last  


                                                                    Start of the 10k  sponsorship run Feb 2011          

                                                                                   The new club hoodie as modeled by me    

                    Max, Ken and Siobhan after the battle of the Novices 2008. Ken receiving his black belt certificate

                                                                                  Stacy and Lauren sparring 2008 

                                 Jack,Luke,Adam And Jay, left to right at the back. Front left to right, Ross, Dale and Paul.

                                                             In House Club Comp 2009  

                                          Pete Hodges warming up. Pete came with me to Worcester the night Scott won the British Title.

                                                       He moved back to London shortly after. You're missed mate .

                   Luke Crocker with Master Davies being presented with his Black Belt  Certificate. Both he and Joe Thomas above fought seven rounds of full contact sparring, with fresh fighters coming in every round and had to pass mandatory amounts on all equipment within the gym and also memorise 72 punching and kicking combinations and perform them during their grading. Exremely hard, but that's the way it should be when taking your black belt. Well done to you both. 

                                                                           Cameron, Mally, Nathan and Nick 2012 

               Steve Lake with his black belt certificate and accreditation card, one of the benefits of training at DFK